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Thread: By Request: How to Add an LED to Your Wah

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    Default Re: By Request: How to Add an LED to Your Wah

    Quote Originally Posted by ratherdashing View Post
    Thanks for this thread Rich!

    I was already planning on putting an LED in my BYOC Wah, but I had planned on putting it on the top, not the side. I like the side-mounted idea.

    Also, I was either going to bezel mount it, or use some epoxy to glue it to the inside of the case. Even with the 11/64" hole, I'd be concerned that a wayward foot at a gig would knock it back into the case. Is this concern unfounded?

    Not with the smaller hole. I did that on the Boss' RMC, then put a small tie-wrap around the LED leads, bundling them to the rest of the switch wiring. That held the LED in its hole, but gave a little bit of spring-action if it got pushed.
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    Default Re: By Request: How to Add an LED to Your Wah

    Thanks for the info Rich! I really appreciate it! Me and Bass_Bear will scout out the inside of the pedal, and try to figure it out without destroying something important.

    Once again, thank you for posting this, total vault material.
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