Please welcome Hamer Guitars co-founder Jol Dantzig. Some of Jol's contributions to guitar history include:

• Design of the first 12-string bass
• Design of the first locking tuner
• Design of the first workable electric/acoustic hybrid guitar (DuoTone)
• Creation of the "Modern-Vintage" boutique guitar niche market

Jol's guitar designs have won six Editor's Pick awards in a row from Guitar Player magazine.

Jol has designed guitars for: John Lennon, George Harrison, Sting, Keith Richards, Gary Moore, Billy Gibbons, Rick Nielsen, Keb Mo, KK Downing, Glenn Tipton, Lyle Workman, Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson, Martin Barre, Johnny Ramone, Elliot Easton, Brad Gillis, Roy Buchannan, Jeff Watson, James Honeyman-Scott, and many, many more.

Jol's musical credits include recording with: Blue Guru, Wilson Pickett, Freddie Scott, Jon Tiven, Shaw-Blades, Jim Carroll, and Frank Black. His compositions have been featured in films and television.

Check out Jol's Wikipedia page here. Click here to follow his blog. And click here to see a video interview.

At the end of Jol's appearance today, a randomly selected participant will win a cool prize. Jol will pay to pick up their guitar and bring it to his workshop where he'll do a full soup-to-nuts setup on it. He'll intonate it. Adjust the truss rod. Dress the frets. Clean and lubricate it. Jol and Seymour will consult on a set of pickups for the guitar, based on how the guitar plays and the winner's playing style. And Jol will drop the pickups in. It’ll play like a dream when he's done with it. And the lucky winner can follow the day-to-day progress on Jol's blog.

So there you have it. Any electric guitar or bass set-up personally by Jol Dantzig. Pickup selection by Seymour. All documented for the world to see on Jol's blog.

Now, the fine print. The guitar can’t be a total basket case. It has to be a reasonably playable solid body or semi-hollow electric or electric bass. Also, to qualify for free pickups, it has to use standard production model pickups like Gibson-size humbuckers or Fender-size single coils. And finally, because Jol is generously picking up the shipping costs both ways, this offer is limited to guitars with shipping addresses in the Continental USA only.

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Jol Dantzig!