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Thread: Guest Luthier Series - Mike Eldred

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    Talking Re: Guest Luthier Series - Mike Eldred

    Aint no pro but I know what I like....
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    Default Re: Live Chat Now - Guest Luthier Series - Mike Eldred

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Eldred View Post
    1) Two piece is brighter. It's that lamination of the finger board. really stiffens up the neck.
    2) Rosewood is a bit warmer. Indian is what we like the most. Brazilian shouldn't be used. It's been mis-represented in the solid body guitar market in my opinion.
    3) Slab style is warmer, round lam is brighter. It's all good, just need to take that into account when building the instrument. Slab board on a lighter body is going to sound woofy...and if you're looking for mids and highs, you're gonna miss it.

    thank you, Mike...much appreciated.

    Btw...that Woodstock guitar story is cool.

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