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Thread: SD-1 Interesting low gain mod

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    Default SD-1 Interesting low gain mod

    in search of toggle switching symmetrical clipping i came across this and really liked it
    its tighter than turning off the pedal altogether, you can tell it still filters the boomy lows just doesnt have the aggressive drive to it anymore.
    which is the same reason ive kept and loved the Boss OD-2 cause i could turn down the pedals drive and it would actually cut all the drive even amps.

    ok for this
    D6 is toggle switched
    from normal to jumpered state

    D5 is now permanently jumpered

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    Default Re: SD-1 Interesting low gain mod

    My earballz can't tell much of a difference but I dig the riffs and tones!

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    Default Re: SD-1 Interesting low gain mod

    That's a pretty sweet mod there! I preferred the sound of the normal @ 0:30 compared to the jumpered. Actually I think the normal sounds better for single notes whereas the jumpered really pushes chords. Both are great sounds.

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