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Thread: Worst pups you ever used

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeKindRewind View Post
    +1. There's a few Duncan pickukps that are not my thing, but I don't think they're bad, but the Dimebucker...

    It's not really all that hot, and its treble response is just so over-the-top even with a 250K volume pot. Yeah, I knew it was gonna be bright when I tried it, but I was also expecting it to be a high output monster. Instead, I got this icepick that wasn't much hotter (if at all) than something like the JB. It was just super thin, bland, and even kinda weak.

    Quote Originally Posted by BeKindRewind View Post
    Also any of those whacky high output dimarzio pickups like crunch lab or whatever that are good for heavy metal power chords and that's all.
    Yeah, I don't like the Crunch Lab either. Way too blunt and stuffy in the low mids.
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