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Thread: 100 watt amps. Do you really need that much power?

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    Default Re: 100 watt amps. Do you really need that much power?

    Quote Originally Posted by ex-250 View Post
    i definately dont need all 120w of my XXX......but it sounds so threatening
    That's key. If you can't outplay your rivals, you can atleast blow them all away by the power of your gear!
    "The amp has been making a lot of noise and acting funky, perhaps it may be aware of the amount of rock it's about to be punished with" ~GearMannDude
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    Default Re: 100 watt amps. Do you really need that much power?

    High power tube amps are great. But they're not for everyone, and not everyone should use the things.

    I have a SoundCity SC120 head that Doug Roccaforte rebuilt and using a Marshall Masterlead style preamp section. There's nothing like having that much power behind your sound. And it's not really that much about being loud either. There's just a very thick, solid sound behind you.

    I haven't pulled that amp out in a while because it's just an insane amount of power. And even though I usually use a JTM45, or a cathode biased SF Bassman (both have more power than I need) the SC120 is just pure magic.

    Almost nobody actually needs 100 or 120watt amps, but there's more to having that much power than db levels or bragging rights.

    4 to 6 EL34 tubes singing together, and large output tranformers, sound great.


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    Default Re: 100 watt amps. Do you really need that much power?

    In a band setting I never turn my 50 watt >50 caliber over 3 . . . . anymore and the rhythm section begins to *****!! hahahaha
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