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Thread: Eminence Cannabis Rex Questions

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    i really like the crex in 1x12 cabs/combos but if id pair it with something toothier if i was gonna use it in a 2x12. i have an eminence lil buddy 10" which is fat and thick but the top is pretty subdued, mixed with a p10q that cab sounds great!

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    I use my C. Rex in an open back combo with a V30 in a close backed cab, and really like them together. The C. Rex adds body and a little softness to the V30s sometimes abrasive upper mid thing. The V30 adds more than enough highs and cut into the mix.
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    Since I last posted in this thread, I've become an Orange fan boy, and can offer a bit more insite. Here is a cover we did of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath with my OR15, and the same cab I've been using with two C-Rex speakers. You can hear that there is plenty of high end, and they sound fat and full.

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