OK, just need insights as I tend to get overwhelmed when searching for new pickups. Backdrop is as follows:
Got another guitar, alder string through body, maple neck with rosewood FB. Dual HB. Want to switch out the pu's with something familiar but different than my others. I don't like EMGs, I have same guitar with Gibson 489 set and although it is my main guitar I do hear a little bit of brittleness and fizz. I've been looking at most manufacturers and see pros/cons...I was leaning to a basic setup of JB/jazz but have been told it wouldn't sound much different from the 498 set. I like what I hear in the DiMarzio dominions but have been told they might get "honkey". Another 1 I'm looking at is the new EVH Franky with a jazz for the neck.

I play in the style of Corrosion of Conformity, down, with some basic metal/rock/blues thrown in. For amps I run a EVH 5150 III 50w and an Orange Dark Terror.

With this info, please point me in the right direction...Open for any and all suggestions!
Greatly appreciated