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First off, I understand that I just asked "the" musical question, the one all the greats had to find out to get as far as they did. But what I want to know is what must I do to open myself up musically, my current bag of musical tricks is somewhat limited, I always find myself falling back into the same few patterns. I have a few crap "styles" that I fall back onto when I don't know what to do (single strum to accent chord changes, palm muted quarter note chords followed by a non muted half note chord) and even when I do know what to do my styles are fairly limited, my two main styles are pseudo bell choir (like Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah) and punk riffs that don't have more than 4 notes or chords.

What can I do to expand this? I try to play songs and incorporate themes and techniques from the song into my own playing, but I can't seem to remember when it comes time to get the band together.

Do any of y'all have experience or resources that can help me?
listen to other direct examples and then other forms of art. This works for my photography, graphic design, as well as music.