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Thread: Boss LMB-3?

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    Default Boss LMB-3?

    What say you?

    Just looking for an "Always on" compressor to add a little punch and take off the top of my ham fisted playing...
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    Default Re: Boss LMB-3?

    I used the Boss LMB-3 FOREVER!!! It was my always on go to compressor live. I've tried a few others, but i came full circle back to the Boss LMB-3. It worked great for me.

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    Default Re: Boss LMB-3?

    I've used the Digitech Bass Squeeze Compressor for many years and have always liked it.
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    Default Re: Boss LMB-3?

    Iíve been using the Duncan Vise Grip. Itís a really nice box. Very versatile. I use it for cleans only. And I clean boost my gain channel with the Friedman Buxom Boost. Another amazing pedal.

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    Default Re: Boss LMB-3?

    I'm still using my trusty MXR Dyna Comp that I bought back in the mid-1980s

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