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    Default Advice for my SR505

    I have a Soundgear SR505. I bought it for a steal , as the electronics were damaged . It has the active Bartolini pickups, MK1-5, and the battery connector was apparently damaged. I fixed that, but it still has problems and cuts out from time to time, but it's fine in the studio, and I've recorded several songs with it. I'm a pretty good bass player but I've never gotten into specs or tone the way I have with guitar.

    So I'm gearing up to record a pretty heavy sounding album.. and now I wanna dive into this bass and get it sounding right. Since I know nothing about bass stuff, my question is.. are these Bartolini pickups considered good ? What's good about them, what genres are they good for ? Is it worth me digging into the electronics and fixing whatever is wrong with it ?
    Because, here's the thing. I want this thing to have a hot rockin' tone.

    The album I am working on is I am recording all of the songs from that soundtrack with real instruments. I want it to sound like something Metallica or Megadeth would've recorded in the 90's. Funny enough, the bass tone on the soundtrack is already kinda what I want to emulate, notice how you can hear every note so clearly yet it still punches you in the face ? The guitars I am using are EMG equipped, and with the modern 5150 type of amp models. so my first instinct is to go to EMG for the bass also. But I don't know anything about bass pickups, which EMG is going to give me that punch in the gut heaviness but also supreme clarity ? Or.. can I even fit EMG's in this bass without routing anything ? The ones I'm looking at that caught my eye are called EMG 40DC. Dual coil ceramic humbuckers. Can I mix those with the already existing EQ controls or would I have to replace my whole system ?Can anyone vouch for just keeping the Bartos instead ? Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

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