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Thread: How do you write YOUR music...???

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    Default Re: How do you write YOUR music...???

    Interesting posts thus far, it's amazing how everyone has their own approach!

    It really depends on what I am writing. Is it a commissioned piece for someone else? Is there a deadline? Is it background music for a soundtrack? Is it one of my original projects, and if it is, is it meant to be tracked live off the floor or is it being built up track by track or via file sharing with studio musicians?

    Once that's out of the way, I usually think about what I am trying to say with a particular piece and then play the notes, scales, chords, that best reflect that emotion. I usually start with the bass guitar or the bass part because the bass is the most important part; it steers the ship. Sometimes I think rhythmically; such as a time signature that sounds interesting or a polyrhythm I like.

    From there it's a pretty quick process; I tend to write quick and I don't belabor the details, I just let it say what it wants to say and then move on.
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    Default Re: How do you write YOUR music...???

    Varies wildly for me

    1) Stumbling on an interesting chord progression
    2) Setting down to write some lyrics on a quirky or odd subject can trigger some musical fragments forming
    3) The oddest of all, misremembering something I had heard from years past. Currently working on a piece loosely based on a late 60's song by The Fifth Dimension ("The Hideaway").
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