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Thread: Sardonic Musings

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    Having a serious prolific streak over the last few months, did have about a month's pause due to having knee replacement surgery in January.

    In any case here's a small sampling of I've been brewing with the idea of eventually releasing a couple EP's of my sardonic musings.

    Staring Stanley here is a rough mix with a vocal track laid in by an old friend. I can't sing worth beans. I did all the guitars and bass plus drum loops, another buddy of mine did the organ and clav stuff.

    Off The Rails is awaiting a vocal track (being done by an old bandmate from years ago), the lyrics are pertaining to AMTRAK.


    One stroke of a pen
    And it was all gone
    No more Pullman luxury
    For a rambler to hop on
    Tricky Dick slept jut fine
    After a hard day's work
    Far less places to go
    And the tracks ust ceased to shine

    During the war you could get most anywhere
    Just a few bucks for a few states away
    They snagged the mail from the poles
    Coffee was rich, even n coach class
    Could sleep through all the bells and whistles
    The view was something straight out of Rockwell
    The clicking dreams and whistle moans
    Cigar smoke and scrambled eggs were the wake up

    Tell me why we went off the rails
    Tell me can we get back on board

    PennCentral about to jump the tracks
    Lawyers and lobbyists had an idea
    Let's take control, combine them all
    Nobody would mind a little profit somtime

    Stroke of Nixon's pen, the deal was done
    20 railroads all shot up a white flag
    Rainbows on wheels waiting for the official paint
    Couldn't keep up with all the wings and tires
    All those rails and fewer places to go
    A hell of a long walk to Leechburg P A
    Guess its here to stay, despite what the pundits said
    Waiting for half a day if they finish the repairs.
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