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Thread: Hazy R&B Tune with a couple trap doors

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    Default Hazy R&B Tune with a couple trap doors


    Circled up in the basement
    Bowling to the Brecker Brothers
    Wondering if there were others


    They'd sneak up on a question
    Some say it was just dumb luck
    Talk about the miracle pills
    Mix with water, power a truck
    Wondered if the moon was real at all
    Aliens showing slides in the sky?
    Was the bear awake or hibernating
    Could they drive home on the sly.


    One wanted to boogie for days
    And then promptly forgot it
    Randy's trumpet cutting through the haze
    Not one of them fought it
    Another says he could talk to squids
    And was craving some calamari
    Pizza would suffice, we're not on the skids
    But the burgers are double scary

    When the skunk got the funk
    It dropped their collective jaws
    No time for cut-rate junk
    Stay out of reach of the bear's paws
    Watching the basement door for a surprise
    One of the unpleasant kind
    Parents and police with hyperfocused eyes
    More than a pinch they'll find


    Don't laugh too loud
    Or we might get busted
    Or the Breckers skip the best part
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    Hoo Hooooo Hooo Hoooooooo

    Sent from an old crank telephone in rural GA

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