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Thread: Wooden Pickup Spacers?

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    Default Re: Wooden Pickup Spacers?

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexR View Post
    Just an FYI really......
    .........the Shaw pickup's main vintage correct part is the bobbin having the 'square in circle' marking on the top. James Finnerty from ReWind has looked at the various components of the Shaw, and concluded that practically every element of that pickup is 'wrong' if you get down the nitty gritty of what makes a PAF. However Gibson themselves may well have been the more pertinent part of that decision.....they certainly made the decision on speccing a non vintage correct (cheaper to buy) wire over what Shaw himself wanted (the vintage correct coating).
    So I'd most likely guess that the plastic spacer was a Gibson (Norlin) decision. The Heritage series that the pickup was designed for, was supposedly a 59 reissue, but was essentially a generic LP of the era with a 2 piece top and ABR. So there was not an overwhelming desire in any part of the process to make anything accurate.
    I don't doubt it at all. Gibson has long been notorious for paying more attention to production economy than to any designer's vision. It's a tradition that goes all the way back to the days of the original PAFs. And certainly James is one of the makers who have really delved into the details. The ReWind PAFs that I own (custom wind A3 neck, Pale Rider bridge, and three Creme Brulees) are some of my very favorite humbuckers.

    Yet despite being entirely un-PAF-like in materials and construction, those Gibson Shaws are great sounding pickups in their own right. Very vintagey in both tone and feel.

    I used both a '79 Standard and a Standard-80 for a number of years and IME they were quite different. Not trying to argue that the Heritage Series were vintage correct, but they did have nice mahogany necks with slightly chunky carve, no volute and the smaller 50s style headstock. Wonderfully lively feel to that neck, a very different animal from the Standard's typical Norlin maple IMO.

    I have nothing against volutes though - that Standard-80 is the only one of my LPs ever which suffered the dreaded Gibson headstock break. With a volute I bet it wouldn't have snapped, despite being mahog. The guitar was never the same after being repaired; it sounded brighter & less woody, and had lost a lot of that great elastic feel.
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    Default Re: Wooden Pickup Spacers?

    Agree with you on tone......have a full set in one guitar which really do sound great. They are the tone of Brothers in Arms.....which is a grail tone in itself.

    For myself, I don't care overly about pure vintage spec, unless I'm making a burst clone. I own both a 75 Custom and an 80 Deluxe........and love their tones. I tend to take guitars for what they are, rather than trying to make them fit some preconceived notion of what the should be.

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