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Thread: Suggestions for Fender Jazzmaster Blacktop HS

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    Default Suggestions for Fender Jazzmaster Blacktop HS

    I plan on replacing the stock bridge pickup in my Fender Jazzmaster Blacktop HS. (The ones that have the humbucker in the bridge and P90 in the neck)

    I play post-rock/metal with a lot of heavy, balls to the wall distortion to really clean and chimey passages to droney ambient stuff. (Think bands like, ISIS, Neurosis, Lantlos, Cult of Luna, Pelican, etc. etc.)

    I'm also playing through a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier into a Mesa 4x12.
    So I've got plenty of power and distortion in my setup. Just need something more ballsy and with more of a unique voicing than the stock bridge pickup.

    Anyone have any suggestions for a bridge pickup?

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Fender Jazzmaster Blacktop HS

    If I had a Jazzmaster Blacktop HS I would love to have a Fe-Ni-Cu Wide Range Humbuckers reproduction. I think Lollar makes some in the USA and the Creamery make some real one in the UK. (The current Fender production does not use the rare original magnet alloy Iron/Nickel/Copper)
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