What rotary switch to toggle tone capacitor values? I have two 1Px12T rotary switches in my box (one N, and one S switching type). I was going to run two wires out of the guitar to clip to the breadboard circuit. Should I use the N (non-shorting break before make) or the S (shorting make before break)? Does it even matter?

  • N would temporarily omit the capacitor altogether so effectively remove the tone cap from the circuit
  • S would temporarily put both capacitors in parallel so increase the tone cap value.

Once I've played with the values I'm hoping I can settle on two cap values and use a spare push-pull or maybe a 4-way rotary if I want a bit more flexibility. (I don't want to have to wire up a full 12-way on the actual body. That would be too difficult figuring out what it is set to on stage. Same question would still apply for that too - N or S type?)