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Thread: As Close As I Get to Country

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    Default As Close As I Get to Country

    Just finished up this little tune about the Mojave desert phone booth.

    Comments definitely welcome.
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    Default Re: As Close As I Get to Country

    I liked it.

    The piezo-y acoustic-y rhythm guitar sounds nice, and I like the overall chord progression. Drums and bass work well together in the song. Singing and lyrics kinda reminds me of something Wheatus would have done if they went fully acoustic. If I had to be picky, the lead started off well, but it kinda felt like it didn't go anywhere (4:10 - 4:24), like it just trailed off rather than really felt like it ended. Although I wasn't sure if you were doing this for an effect or not.
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    Default Re: As Close As I Get to Country

    Eclectic. I like it!
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    Default Re: As Close As I Get to Country

    It really whips the llama's ass!

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