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I have always been curious to read or hear reports of how this separate head and cab conversion kit sounds. If you check out the picks you will see that the amp chassis is reoriented so the heat from the tubes no longer rises up into the circuitry like the stocker does. That's always been a source of frustration for amp techs as amps that get a significant amount of use can start to cook the traces on the PCBs. I used to own an amp from a different company that was built that same way and you could see the discolouration of the board and it created lots of intermittent issues for me. It was rather frustrating. I eventually bit the bullet had the board properly repaired at a hefty expense and then I sold it right after, while I still could get something out of it.

To the OP, I apologize again.
We've kind of derailed your thread.
So that's why the better amps have the tubes standing on top of the board vs hanging under them.
Makes sense.

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