Working on another writing commission for a tabletop rpg called KIDS ON BIKES; essentially a Stranger Things inspired tabletop rpg. This is the first theme I wrote for it. It utilizes a drone behind two melodic patterns that play off of each other and a polyrhythmic percussion loop.

The master clock and sequencer is a Korg SQ-1. Other modules used:
(left voice) Moog Mother-32
(right voice) Studio Electronics Oscillation, Intellijel Quadra and Quad VCA
(drone) Studio Electronics Quadnic, Make Noise Dynamix, WMD Modbox
(percussion) Tip Top Audio BD808 and SD808, Erica Synths Pico Drum
(mixer and filter) WORNG Electronics Sound Stage
(reverb and dely) BOSS RV-500

Under all of that is a loop of crickets and toads.