I,m a little uneducated in this area so I could use some advice. I,ve got a '75 ric 4001 that I put replacement V63 p/u's and complete harness in ,I just had to have the bridge p/u rewound, when it came back the resistance read 15.4k, the untouched neck "toaster p/u reads 11.9k, pretty hot,I'd say. anyway the pots are all 330k.With pick ups this hot, should I put in 500k volume and 250k tone pots w/.047 caps ?or the other way around,250k volume's and 500k tone?. I,ve been told to put a push/pull bridge volume pot to by pass the .047k cap.This doesn't seem right to me, Why would I want to bypass the cap on such a high output p/u ? Any ideas or comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.