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    Default BIAS Amp 2

    Checking out BIAS Amp 2 - have had BIAS Amp 1 (and FX, etc) for some time now and it kicks ass with some tweaking.

    This particular session I'm using the standalone program (not VST).

    When I start digging into stuff like this, I like to start with something simple and see if it sounds good, so plexi Marshall it is.

    So these clips are using the 69 Plexi + 4x12 Greenbacks. Amp is dimed except for bass at "1".

    Gave a hair more distortion in the preamp section... but just a hair.

    Using post-amp EQ tweaked a little

    Finally, using built-in BIAS 2 Amp reverb (just a hair) on "plate rich" setting.

    In DAW, only thing added was Waves L1 (limiter). Manual doubling.

    Guitar is fender strat + maple neck with 80's JBJ, no tone, 500k volume.

    Doing Jake E. Lee Badlands parts...

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