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Thread: Is there anything like a head version of a Blue Junior?

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    Default Is there anything like a head version of a Blue Junior?

    I've always liked the Fender Blues Junior as a clean amp or a pedal platform. Is there any low-wattage amp that's either EL84 or 6V6 driven with a killer reverb that's kind of affordable in a compact head format? I don't want a combo because I've already got cabs I'd like to use, and I don't particularly like the stock speaker in the Blues Junior. It doesn't have to be an exact Blues Junior circuit, just something clean, vintage-y, and tube-y that can be turned up for some mild grit with a full tone stack so that it can be dialed in just right.

    What are my options? I'm thinking around the 5-15W range. It has to have reverb and a full BMT tone stack, like I said. Affordable is better too.

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