Hello people.

I have a question about tube swap in an power amp.
At this moment I have 8 EL34 tubes in my marshall amp.
It's time to change them because of their oldness.
But if I change I would like to get some sound equivalent tubes without changing the Charakter too much.

The tubes on my amp are the originals and I've never change them. Don't ask me wich are in there.. I really don't know.

For what I read some manufacturers are making tubes with another sound Charakter.
Electro harmonics, groove tube, ruby tubes, JJ etc....
What I would like are EL34 with little more bass and a little less brittle highs/presence. A little less AC/
DC Charakter in short lol.

I' don't like 6L6 tubes.... There are to dirty in my opinion. And I don't like the mids tonality of them. But there modern sounding, especially for metal.

I read a lot about KT66 kt77 or 5881 for replacement.