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Thread: my favorite new cable - solder free pickguard swaps

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    Default my favorite new cable - solder free pickguard swaps

    I'm sure there are a lot of people who have a lot of pickguards they put back and forth into guitars and I figured I'd show this off. This works on ANY passive pickups and you can even do really basic pickup swaps with these too but lets focus on Ibanez RG and strat guys. I was sick and tired of having to heat up an iron and waste perfectly good solder and if I'm not careful scratch a fairly new guitar or quickly find an issue in a really complex wiring. This solves a lot of those issues and unlike a lot of upgrades we hear about it's dirt cheap. The inspiration came from EMG and how their pickups connect. I was buying a certain kind of cable and the cheapest kind to pop up in increments of 10 had female ends to them. Naturally at first I was throwing them in the trash as I just needed the male part.. but then I had someone ask to make solder free pickguards for him. After a few prototypes this was the best way. I've put these in a ton of guitars people have played live on a regular bases to even my own guitars.

    This is as silent as if you wired directly to the jack with wires the old fashioned way. I've also included photos from a cheap build I did back in the summer time to show an example.

    What are we using
    Servo male to female extension cables. Currently a pack of 10 (30cm / 12 inch) ones are $5.50 on amazon in America. Cheaper in Asia. We better get in on these fast before Fender and Ibanez starts making their own or some snake oil salesman online makes cloth wire ones with maple housings and swears on his children they are better

    Alright How do we do it
    half of the cable is always in the guitar.
    half of it is on the pickguard
    it slides in and connects very simply, the way this is set up is either way works the same as the hot lead is in the center.

    and finally some images
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: my favorite new cable - solder free pickguard swaps

    I have done this sort of mod for years. It works great!
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