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Thread: Didn't blow up my amp today

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    Default Re: Didn't blow up my amp today

    Quote Originally Posted by devastone View Post
    Solid State, no, tube amp, yes.
    I miss the 80's (girls) !!!

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    Default Re: Didn't blow up my amp today

    Huh. I just dodged same bullet last weekend at rehearsal.

    I always bring my tube amp when playing with band. Except last weekend I wanted to try my miniamp board. Hooked everything up, and no sound. Went through connections and everything until thought that Mooer had bitten by frost (it spent night in my car in -12 C).

    Yesterday I remembered that when putting speakers in my new cab couple of weeks back I just used stock connectors in there. I always solder them, but this time was just feeling lazy...

    Well, wire had disconnected inside... Never again. You can guess how relieved I was, that just by happenstance I didn't have my tube amp to idle there through troubleshoot without a load!
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