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Thread: EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer

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    Default EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer

    Anybody have success using the Electro-Harmonix Knockout Attack Equalizer pedal to make their Les Paul type guitar sound like a Strat, like is claimed in the demo video?

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    Default Re: EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer

    I had to Google a bunch to find what that actually does. From the name you'd think it's a compressor but it seems it's just a simple EQ.

    One review I read said the bass cuts/boosts around 85 Hz and the treble cuts/boosts around 6 KHz. The blend knob is straight forward. If that's true, you could buy almost any EQ pedal and only use the upper and lower most sliders to do the same thing.

    Seems like intentional vagueness. Pretty shady marketing.

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    Default Re: EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer

    The video certainly isn't faked in any way, although the mini humbucker in that LP are brighter than most full-size humbucker.
    I agree that you can probably do something similar with a good graphic eq or a dual parametric (which is sorta what this pedal is), but if that is the sound you like then you know for sure that pedal will do it really easily.

    However,mif I understand correctly it cannot boost, only cut? That really limits its versatility.
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    Default Re: EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer

    It just literally "knocks out" output and specific frequencies of the bandwith. Pretty straightforward tool pedal. That's why it's also cheap.

    Same line of pedals with the LPB-1 (simple "clean boost"), Mole (boosts bass) and Screaming Bird (boosts treble).
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    Default Re: EHX Knockout Attack Equalizer

    I had one a while ago, it mainly just scoops the he'll outta the tone or brighten it to a tinny like tone. But it was cool, I could see how it could emulate a strat tone, but I had a dimarzio bluesbucker with a coil split and it did sound like a strat
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