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Thread: Orange Terror Stamp

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    Hell yeah. In my last band I gigged with a Sunn model T or a Green Matamp most of the time. The only time my bandmates said I was too loud was when I brought the Micro Dark.
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    And here I am, trying to come up with a way to mount my Micro Dark into a combo.

    I'm thinking about a 2x10 topload (like a Fender Tweed style).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevDoom73 View Post
    Yep, it's basically become my go-to rig these days, just using a pedalboard with the Duncan Powerstage 170 and some pedals, and a 4x12. I initially started doing that just for travel gigs for the sake of space and simplicity but now I'm doing that all the time even when playing closer to home. I was a bit worried about having such a long speaker cable possibly affecting my tone but I haven't noticed anything negative.
    Long speaker cable will have much less effect on tone than long guitar cable, the speaker cable shouldn't have any noticeable effect on tone as long as it is a decent gauge.

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