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Thread: Pickup adjusting

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    Default Pickup adjusting

    I noticed that many guides recommended 1.6mm (for humbucker) pickup height (after pressing on the last fret).
    But this setting isn't good with floyd rose, because if I bend note by floyd rose, at some point string touching pickup polepieces.
    1,6mm always sound muddy for me.
    I've always liked lower seting pickups (even 5mm and more, after pressing on the last fret), for me it sound better, less muddy, more natural.
    Does any of you do that too?
    I wonder can I set pickup sound on point 8 volume for rythm, and have boost to point 10 for solo?
    Do any of the professional guitarists do that?
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    Default Re: Pickup adjusting

    There are no rules. You should adjust pup height to wherever you like it. That is the rule to follow.
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    Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.

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    Default Re: Pickup adjusting

    Uh huh. General height for volume balance to your taste. Then bass and treble sides to eq to your taste.
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    Default Re: Pickup adjusting

    I've found that I tend to have better results EQing from adjusting the individual string polepieces then angling the entire pickup. You have to do a little of both, but people often forget about adjusting string volume to make the pickup more balanced.
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    Default Re: Pickup adjusting

    I like how Guitardoc said it. Find what works for you. Pole piece adjustments and pickup heights are preference.

    The closer the strings are to the pickups the ... my euphemism. The closer your ears are to the speaker the louder the music becomes.

    To see how much pole pieces can affect your tone this is a great video I found and recommend it as much as possible as I've got a bookmark folder full of useful videos to help people out on here. Many people I knew wanted different pickups for a brighter tone lets say and if they tried steel strings or different picks such as graphtech tusq bright picks which are surprisingly good I'd tell them to try this out. There is some before and after situations too to hear.

    I could think of some wiring mods to help fine tune the EQ of the guitar as I must have crossed the 300 diagram point some time the last while as it's been an on again off again hobby the last 10 years.

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    Default Re: Pickup adjusting

    Everyone getting a new guitar or new pickups could benefit from 45 minutes with a screwdriver just testing different pickup heights. It is amazing how much 1/4 of a turn can change the sound and feel of a set of pickups.
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