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Thread: Help With Double-neck Strat Wiring!!! PLEASE!!!!

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    Default Help With Double-neck Strat Wiring!!! PLEASE!!!!

    Re: Need some help for my double-neck Strat circuit
    Hi; I need help with a VERY confusing wiring problem:
    I'm building a double-neck Strat with a 6 string guitar neck and a 4 string bass neck. The guitar side has the "standard" 3 single coil p.u.'s; the bass side has a p-bass pair of p.u.'s in the neck position and a jazz p.u. in the bridge position. For controls I have the "standard" Strat control set-up: V, T, T2 pots and a 7 pole 5-way selector switch. For switching between the necks I have a 3-way toggle switch placed between the necks. My problems are this: 1) HOW do I wire in the 3-way switch so that it works as a neck switch? 2) where and HOW do I wire in the 3 single coils?? In order to USE the 3-way switch, they AND the bass p.u.'s have to be wired TO it; but it's the kind of 3-way with one "ground" tab/pole at one end and 4 tabs at the other: not enough tabs to connect all 3 single coils so that they can be separated LATER down the wiring "chain" for the regular Stat separation AND to connect the bass p.u.'s 3) HOW do I wire it so that the 3 pots work for BOTH the 3 single coils AND the bass p.u.'s?? NONE of the p.u.'s are wired to anything yet, altho the grounds for everything ARE connected. HELP!!! And PLEASE, considering how confusing this all is, a diagram would DEFINITELY help!!Name:  wiring1.jpg
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Size:  58.0 KB I'm sorry, I could only upload/attach the one diagram. HELP!!

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    Default Re: Help With Double-neck Strat Wiring!!! PLEASE!!!!

    I'm not sure what 7 pole "Strat" type switch you have and how it functions.
    Your 3-way switch doesn't do what you are expecting it to will only switch between or combine 2 pups. You'll need a different switch to choose between 3 pups.
    Originally Posted by IanBallard
    Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.

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    Default Re: Help With Double-neck Strat Wiring!!! PLEASE!!!!

    7 pole as in the import ones that are green similar to this?

    I'll look into this and see what your options are

    the contact pattern is below. I may have seen 3 way toggles like it in my travels. But lets focus on this as a 5 way.
    1 - bridge pickup
    3 - middle pickup
    5 - neck pickup
    0 - common - it activate the entire switch
    1 - bridge tone (if wanted)
    3 - middle tone
    5 - neck tone
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Help With Double-neck Strat Wiring!!! PLEASE!!!!

    if that is the case this is what I'd do. Personally I'd add a push pull pot seeing as your blade switch assuming it's the one I think it is as 7 is a really specific number for contacts on a blade switch this is the best you could do in my opinion. Since this is a forum though more than one opinion is great to have when possible.

    The push pull pot (or mini toggle) I suggest would isolate the bass pickups into the circuit so you'd be able to use either set by itself. However. This is a compromise sort of wiring which I imagine they intended it as. This one you wouldn't have to spend any extra money on. Either 1950s or modern tone control hook up will work. I went with 50s as I like the sound more and usually all my guitars are at 10 anyways. For more on that Premierguitar website has a fantastic article I got the second image from.

    for more on tone control hook ups. I suggest modern and 50s. Unless someone has a laa dee daa overpriced snake oil capacitor they'll show their guitar buddies... Heh ... woah you spent 100$ on a capacitor that guitar must shred!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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