“Colette” is a project that began about a year-and-a-half ago when I got a SSS EMG loaded pickguard and some Schaller tuners from forum bro SlyFoxx. Ever since I’ve been agonizingly SLOWLY gathering up parts for this Strat project.

Last spring I found a pretty unique neck on eBay that I ended up picking up. All maple with a CBS headstock and black binding. I had it in my mind that this guitar would be black and a hardtail, but I could never seem to make product availability and budget constraints work out timing-wise. I finally ended up getting a Seafoam Green body and a 2-point tremolo... the last two pieces... and on Sunday the 12th I was finally able to start getting this little darling put together.

Assembly went pretty easily, with only two fairly minor complications:

1) I had to widen the neck pocket by about 2mm.

2) I had to remove about 3mm from the bottom of the nut.

Once I got everything all set, though, there was magic to be found! I gots to tell ya, Colette is one BADASS Strat! She looks great, she sounds great, and she plays like butter! I’m pretty excited about how this one came out and I just LOVE playing her!

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