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Thread: Easy to learn, difficult to master riffs?

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    Default Easy to learn, difficult to master riffs?

    This is my absolute favourite type of guitar playing and guitar player. The ones who can play a simple riff that anyone can learn quickly, but absolutely nobody can give it the feel and groove and vibe that that player does because of the way they play. It's all in their hands.

    Some examples:

    Le Freak - Nile Rodgers
    Just for fun, go and listen to the first 20 seconds of this on youtube. Then afterwards listen to literally any cover or lesson on it on youtube. Nobody gets absolutely anywhere near what Nile is doing. Listen to the brittleness and the deftness of the way he plays that riff. The sheer force, feel and timing of the groove. Then listen to how clunky and heavy-handed all the other versions are. For me, this is the ultimate easy to learn, difficult to master riff.

    Controversy - Prince
    For all the same reasons as le Freak. If anything Prince was an even better funk player than Niles. The best ever in my opinion. Saw him live in 2011 and it was the best gig I've ever been to. Listening to him play the Controversy riff live was a force of nature. It just powered and drove everything in a way I've never experienced before or since.

    I'm Broken - Dimebag Darrell
    Another one butchered online by many. This one is all about his vibrato and where he applies it and the way he applies it to give this riff impossible groove. So incredibly deeply in the pocket.

    Honorable mentions: TNT, Just Kissed My Baby.

    Anybody have any riffs they want to add to the list or talk about?

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    Default Re: Easy to learn, difficult to master riffs?

    Pretty much any riff by any REALLY good rhythm guitarist. I find a lot of guitarists focus WAY too much on developing their lead technique and completely ignore rhythm as something you don't have to practice.

    And then its funny to listen to them play what they are calling "easy" riffs... They're playing the notes..., but they have no sense of touch sensitivity, palm muting technique, harmonic bleeding, and it's too clean, there's no sense of that 'magic and ease' that only comes when you actually study and take rhythm guitar seriously

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