Didn't find such thread and I think it would be useful.

I have few questions, regarding EHX pedals that need 40v supply.

I have voltage doubler from Truetone I tought to use with 18v output for 36v, however text on it specifically warns never to use it with 18v... Other brand voltage doublers seem to use two outputs.

1) Are those two output using voltage doublers just series cables (at least voodoo lab one looks like it is)?

2) Would it work if I put Truetone voltage doubler to 9v output and then use voodoo lab with that and 18v for 36v. If it's just series cable would't it also work with 24v + 18v for 42v? mA output is well enough for doubling.

3) Can Truetone CS7 take that simple series cable. I know it's isolated, but it's switching supply and Truetone does not have similar cables in their wide range of adapters.