Have'nt played this baby in over a year. Almost forgot how killer it sounds. Strings were rusty as hell & needed changing, I'd also messed up the pickup polepiece's on my Dean DMT Baker Act pup in the bridge & that was sounding like ass...there was a bit of fret buzz around the 12 fret etc...

Anyway..to cut a not-so-long story short. I fixed it all up. The Baker Act sounded like it did before & the fret was levelled..this thing plays like a dream again & sounds awesome like it used to

Also ..just out of curiosity I hooked up my old Line 6 Toneport (DI-S) to my comp (pretty much never used it before) & despite it being discontinued with outdated drivers etc...it works fine and sounds great ..in fact I could barely tell the difference between it and my current Behringer UMC202HD, they sounded almost exactly the same. The Line six is a hair sweeter/rounder maybe while the Behringer is a tiny bit brighter... barely noticeable..

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Plugged into my little Zoom G1X Four. JCM 800 preset (cranked the gain a bit..