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Thread: Modeling amps $100 - $150

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    Default Re: Modeling amps $100 - $150

    I just bought a Fender Mustang LT25. It doesn’t need software, as the built-in user interface seems pretty complete. There might have been additional functionality with Fuse, but I bought the amp on its merits without it.

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    Default Re: Modeling amps $100 - $150

    What's odd is that Fender seems to have pulled the Fuse software down you can't even download it.

    Usually when software becomes "unsupported", the mfr simply stops updating it, but keeps the last version of the software available for users who might need it in the future.

    According to past responses and FAQ from Fender, they are unlikely to make the newer Tone app backwards compatible with the non-GT/LT Mustang amps, so thousands of Mustang amp users are pretty much out of luck at this point. This is the nature of this kind of tech, though. Even my first-gen Boss Katana will eventually become obsolete and incompatible with future software at some point.

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    Default Re: Modeling amps $100 - $150

    Big fan of the Fender Mustang amps... look for a v2 series.

    LOL - just saw above that Fender pulled the Fuse software. Wow. Well, that was good for getting patches online, but the amps themselves have great interface and make it easy to set yourself up.
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    Default Re: Modeling amps $100 - $150

    Fender also shutdown their Forum on March 20. The were urging people to go to Fender Social Media. You might check there and see if they moved the downloads.
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