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Thread: Introducing the Polaron

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    Default Re: Introducing the Polaron

    I was blown away at how good the talk box-like effect was with this when I tried it, this thing has a lot of cool little tricks up it's sleeve. I need to spend more time really messing with it and seeing fully what all it can do. I definitely think this pedal is going to appeal to a lot of bassists as well, if they'll give it a shot.

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    Default Re: Introducing the Polaron

    Ran across another demo video for the Polaron. This one is pretty long and they just run through all the settings to show what it can do. My favorite section is from around the 23-minute mark to around the 34-minute mark. I think I would just stay in my basement with this pedal for a whole weekend playing Tool type of riffs messing around with the particular tones he got in that section of the video. Or create an alien language using a guitar and the Polaron.

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