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Thread: NPD - Neunaber Immerse Mk2

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    Default NPD - Neunaber Immerse Mk2

    Kind of a roundabout way to this pedal. While looking for a good digi-delay (see earlier thread), I happened upon Henning Pauly's review of the Source Audio Collider delay/reverb ( Great pedal, a little more expensive than what I was looking for, no dedicated tap tempo and a bit fiddly to set up (multi-function digital encoders with end stops are a pet peeve of mine in general).

    But the best part of the review starts around 19:30, when he sets the shimmer mode to 100% wet and does volume knob swells. You can tell his reaction is genuine. I was sold, not on the Collider, but on a good configurable shimmer verb.

    Enter the Neunaber Immerse. Another of HP's go-to reverbs, this basically packs every reverb type Neunaber has ever made into one pedal. I've yet to hear anyone say a bad word about the original, and the Mk2 just makes a good thing better. I played around with all the modes, and this thing is probably the most flexible effect I have ever owned. Everything you want, from subtle room tones to exaggerated surf spring, to way over-the-top orchestral shimmers. The echo mode is even a usable delay in and of itself (not as flexible as a dedicated delay, but it'll do slap back and chicken-pickin). Absolutely love it. As long as you don't have a super-complex board setup with presets or MIDI control, this is your 'verb.

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    Default Re: NPD - Neunaber Immerse Mk2

    Great reverb in a small pedal. The plain W3T reverb algorithm is amazing. All the combination patches are absolutely on point & usable too.
    Doesn't have presets of course. My only (very minor) gripe is that you have to redial all the knobs when switching to a different mode.
    I don't need MIDI program change, but I wish it could remember settings for each, so all I need to do would be twist the center knob.

    Fabulous pedal though, as is the Inspire chorus. Brian Neunaber has definitely done it right with these.
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