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Thread: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

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    Default Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    I have to give props about these pups! I am in love with how they gave my Teles the classic Bakersfield sound! Iíve converted all my Teles to these with the exception of 1 which has the SD Stacked Vintage pups. Again another fabulous set! Well done SD! Iím officially a fanboy! Anyone else have the same success?

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    Default Re: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the props!
    The Broadcaster set is my favorite traditional Tele set. I am happy it works for you too.
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    Default Re: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    I really like the Broadcaster bridge pickup. It sounded great in the Esquire build I did several years back. However, I needed a little more output and went another route. But that Broadcaster pickup delivers the goods. I really like the snarl it has with some overdrive.

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    Default Re: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    I dropped a Broadcaster bridge in my Tele and have never wanted to remove it, 10 years on. Every recorded Tele sound Iíve been able to make with it.
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    Default Re: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    I just bought a Ron Kirn tele that has this in the bridge. I havenít received it try but youíve got me excited.

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    Default Re: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    I love the Duncan Broadcaster pickup. It's the perfect affordable "beefy vintage" Tele bridge pickup, if you can live with the string balance you get with flat poles (low E is a bit louder, and D much quieter, than they "should be"). I have it in my green Esquire build. Second hand market (from a forum bro here some years ago), perfect condition, 35 bucks. Can't beat that tone for that price.
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    Default Re: Props for the SD Broadcaster pups!

    To the OP, in a slight off topic matter: how are the Vintage Tele Stacks? Too much of a difference in character and tone in comparison to non-stacked Tele pickups?
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