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Thread: Pickup wiring SSH

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    Talking Pickup wiring SSH

    Greetings everyone, forum noobie here needing some help. I am currently building my first guitar that will have a SSH pickup layout. Im hoping some of you fine folks can help me with a wiring diagram and answer some questions regarding potentiometer choice. Heres some of the specs of the guitar.

    - Strat single coils in neck and middle
    - fralin unbucker in bridge position wired for coil tap
    -3 volume 3 tone pots
    - 3 dpdt on/off switches to activate each pickup

    My main question aside from a wiring diagram is in regards to the pot values.

    I have read conflicting statements as to the pot interactions within the system. It is to my understanding that using two 250k and one 500k
    volume and three 500k or 1meg tone pots for their respective pickups will result in a median value between the pots so I will end up with neither 250k or 500k values on volume pots. Is this true? And if it is true then will it be an issue?

    I have scoured the internet for a similar wiring diagram and this information regarding pots but to no avail
    Looking forward to hearing some of your guys thoughts.

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    Default Re: Pickup wiring SSH

    Welcome to the forum!

    When I did an HSS, I used 500k for volume, and 500k for the bridge tone. 250k went to the neck & middle tone. Other than using a separate tone for n+m and bridge, my setup is way different than yours. You might have to experiment with a volume pot value to see what you like. Your humbucker might need a 250, or you might split the difference and go for a 300k pot.
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