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Thread: RAT pedal suggestions, please

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    Default Re: RAT pedal suggestions, please

    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy View Post
    is the solo a rare beast? i never see em in the wild
    Yep. Not incredibly popular. No idea why. Freaking awesome pedal.

    "Filter" is just a reverse tone. This gives you:
    - Three levels of dirt
    - Mid scoop
    - Tone

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    Default Re: RAT pedal suggestions, please

    I personally have a Biyang clone with different clipping options. Very good pedal in my opinion, I would prefer it over the "real deal" to be honest.

    I got the relabeld Biyang, mine is a Fame (house brand of Musicstore), but apart from the graphics, it's the same pedal as the Biyang one:
    The older version:

    There is a mini version as well:
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    Default Re: RAT pedal suggestions, please

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    Default Re: RAT pedal suggestions, please

    Quote Originally Posted by zizyphus View Post
    The differences are noticeable, but they all fundamentally sound like a RAT

    Do you have the original ProCo rat? They're rather inexpensive, especially used. Just pick one up second hand, and see if you like it, before you commit to buying a more.... high-end RAT

    If you know you like the RAT sound, I'd suggest the JHS modded RAT. Josh Scott is a ***king genius

    I stacked a ProCo Rat on my TS9 also and liked how it added more sustain and clearer high end. Then I swapped that out for a modded TS5...not sure which one I like best...they're unique

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