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Thread: Mosky Golden Horse

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexR View Post
    ^ You do if you live anywhere else but the US.

    All of those DIY product suppliers are way cheaper than retail where I live, and most secondhand stuff privately for sale in the US is 'no overseas shipping'. There are a couple of ebay sellers who do secondhand pedals and ship internationally....which I've taken advantage of.

    Of course now we have the budget pedal suppliers popping up everywhere as an alternative.....but they are using cheap components to make them affordable.

    It's usually about 50% cheaper for me to build a pedal rather than buy. Plus when I build my own I can spec higher value components . . . so my pedals run fine at 9, 12, or 18 volts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
    Securb loves it I believe. I saw a comparison on Tube and was impressed.
    Best $20 I have ever spent. For $20 including shipping I do not know why this pedal is not on every pedal board. It is great as a standalone, I use mine as a boost to put some pop in my leads.

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