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Thread: Pickups: Dominion set, Evo2 set, Burstbucker 3

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    Bored, clearing out space. Paypal preferred, I値l eat the fees. Price includes shipping within USA. Trades? I dunno, maybe pedals or some other interesting pickups? Would love to try a Dimarzio Fortitude bridge or 36th Anniversary PAF set, also interested in Anderson H2/H2+/H3. Try me, worst I値l say is no thanks and I play a little bit of everything. Would gladly trade some or all for an original 1958-1960 Gibson Les Paul, but only if it includes a hardshell case.

    SOLD Gibson Burstbucker 3: Zebra bobbins, 4 conductor model, factory wax potted, has had a cover soldered on and removed so there痴 some marks and solder and the electrical tape they use over the coils is split in a couple spots. 10 of lead remaining. Unusually hot compared to others I致e seen, measures 8.8k at room temp. SOLD

    SOLD Dimarzio Dominion neck and bridge set, model DP244/DP245 Zebra with nickel screws. Have been installed but leads are original length and no cosmetic damage, any scratches in photo are on the clear plastic box. Comes with screws and springs in original boxes. Screws have been trimmed VERY slightly, will work in any guitar. SOLD

    SOLD Dimarzio EVO 2 bridge, model DP215 black on black. Same as above, have been installed but leads are original length. Includes screws, springs and box. Screws have had 1mm trimmed off to fit in my guitar, still long enough for any application. SOLD

    SOLD Dimarzio EVO neck, model DP158 zebra with black poles. Same condition as above. SOLD

    Forgive my meager image editing skills, here痴 a pic of all of them I had to cobble together.

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    Default Re: Pickups: Evo2 set, Burstbucker 3

    **** that dominion set went fast. I would've been in on those. Let me know if the buyer flakes.

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