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Thread: Ibanez wood fraud

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    Quote Originally Posted by solspirit View Post

    Only 2 as far as I know, Sapele & Khaya,...
    mahogany is a very regulated wood whoever buys it, knows what they're buying.
    Yes, hundreds!

    Many types of trees are generically referred to as "mahogany" in the lumber trade. Forests are often clear cut, and much of the unspecified lumber cut down along with everything else is simply called "mahogany." Additionally, many types of low-grade cheap farmed tropical trees are simply called "mahogany" in the industry. It's kind of a catchall term for a ton of things that could be lumped together with a description as broad as "unspecified low-grade tropically grown wood that isn't super hard."

    If something just says "mahogany," it could be practically anything, even things with properties you wouldn't generally associate with mahogany as it has traditionally been used for instruments and furniture. If it says "true mahogany," that's more specific, but still covers a fairly wide range of woods. If it says "genuine mahogany," it can be one of only three species (including Honduran). If it says "Honduran mahogany," it can only be one species.

    The guitar (and furniture, and everything else) manufacturers know this when they are buying. They aren't getting fooled. They just know it's a generic term.
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    Yogi Berra was correct.
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    Default Re: Ibanez wood fraud


    So Ibanez knew that it was not sweetaenea, true mahogany.
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