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Thread: Acoustic guitar streaming

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    Default Acoustic guitar streaming

    I just bought a beautiful D45 and started wondering how to get the best sound quality during an online lesson from a studio condenser mic and interface.
    I'm talking about a 1-on-1 lesson.
    what software and/or peripherals would you recommend?

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    Default Re: Acoustic guitar streaming

    Miking the sound hole off axis for the resonance and bass and around the 12th fret for the jangle and string/fret character and mix together.

    If using only one mike I'd angle a Cardioid pattern 4-10 in away from the guitar looking accross the soundhole pointing up the fretboard, make sure the mic is getting a blend of the soundhole and the strings/frets
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    Default Re: Acoustic guitar streaming

    Honestly, for lessons, it has more to do with the internet connection and the software than the microphone. Any audio over Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime makes a nice Martin sound like a cheap Ibanez acoustic. I don't think the microphone is the weak link here.
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