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Thread: IMGR Question

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    Default IMGR Question

    Sorry ya'll.. With this new format of having to be logged in a certain way to stay in, Im having a prob searching for old threads. BUT, in my defense, I never got to this question in my old thread..
    Ok, I finally figured out how to set up an IMGR acct, and have. AND, Ive managed to create a couple of folder names in that. (Still Not sure how I did it...) AND.. have some pics listed on IMGR now.. HOWEVER... I cannot figure out (sorry if Im stoopid.... But...) Anyhow, I cannot figure out how to move pics I have in there to the respective folders. Can someone tell me how? I REALLY need to sell some gear and this (and paypal's greed) have been a real nightmare trying to figure this out. I know, It prolly shouldnt be so hard, but Im an old guy thats not super saavy...

    Thank you!!!!

    ps: I can find Add image, and list of my folders and see my pics. but it wont let me move them.. argh!!!
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    Default Re: IMGR Question

    Directly under the Add Images button is a smaller one marked Add To Album.
    Select the images you want to assign to that album (by using the little pen icon that appears when you hover over the images).
    Then select an album from the Add To Album dropdown menu.
    The button at the far left lets you view pics in any album you have.

    (Pics are listed in albums but their files aren't moved there.
    You will still see them in View All, and deleting an album does not delete the pics that were listed in it.)
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