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Thread: iRig HD and Amplitube - As good as it claims?

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    Default iRig HD and Amplitube - As good as it claims?

    My present set-up for amp simming is a venerable old Rocksmith Cable and a demo version of Overloud TH-U. This was my first step into desktop modelling, and I'm happy that it's been very cheap and puts out decent sounds. But this has some real limitations - I can't find a way to record from Overloud, and the third party ASIO driver does weird stuff like only allowing one sound source to playback at once, so no jamming along to songs with my good distortion, and only relying on Guitar Pro sounds to play along to tabs. Not ideal, and I want to trade up.

    A little looking around came up with IK Multimedia's cheaper interfaces, because something like the iRig HD 2 is about 80 and comes bundled with the full version of Amplitube, which I have heard good things about. Also, Amplitube has some recording functionality baked in, which is nice (I only want demo and self-reflection at the moment anyway, not full production) and the interface is fully featured with cabinet out and a dedicated monitor.

    All looks good, but is it as good of a deal as it is made out to be? There are other choices that cost a little more which also come with bundled software like the Line 6 POD, and it's hard to know what is better value for money.

    At this kind of "entry level" price range, are all the choices much the same? Is there an obvious standout I've missed? Should I buy something that just seems like a good deal and not think so hard?

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    Default Re: iRig HD and Amplitube - As good as it claims?

    If you have an audio interface, I would advise going with Cakewalk by Bandlab, which is free, and using Overloud THM, which is also free. It sounds great, has plenty of tonal options and you can save presets. It also has a tuner. Then I would add MTPro Drums, which is a great sounding free VST.

    iRig is essentially a "prosumer" toy. It's the Mr Beer of the audio world. That money would be far better spent on something like Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface and then investing some time in learning how to operate an actual DAW.
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    Default Re: iRig HD and Amplitube - As good as it claims?

    I have an iRig Pro and AmpliTube setup and it works great for me. I use it for home practice on an older iPhone but have done some recording with it as well. Once I got a Focusrite Scarlet Solo interface, I started using the free version for the PC and added a few custom shop piece. I like AmpliTube. I've been able to get some really nice sounds out of it and the dual-micing and room micing feature that comes with the PC version is great. My amp sim now is a Soldano SLO in to a 4x12 with Vintage 30's, dual-mic'd with one close and one backed off and 2 overhead mics for some room reverb.

    I'm not going to get rid of the iRig setup anytime soon. It's my gigging backup (nice and compact). If my amp goes south, I have no problem using that for the rest of the set(s).

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