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Thread: Railhammer pickups

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    Default Railhammer pickups

    How are these? Specifically the humbuckers. Demos sound good, but how is the overall tone of these pickups? (Seymours overall brighter than dimarzios, for example).

    Looking for different flavors...

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    Default Re: Railhammer pickups

    My only experience with them was borrowing a Reverend Sensei for a gig, and I was pleased. I believe it was a Chisel set.

    To my ears they were very thick but clear under gain, with a less modern grunt than say, the Crunch Lab. I remember they had that same type of smooth tone but still maintained that wide punch.

    For clean or volume down semi-clean playing the bridge was nice, with some shimmer on the high strings but the low notes stayed present when you arpeggiate chords.

    During one practice the day before I tried to pay more attention. I did have Hearos in during the show but my amp really sang and crunched that night!

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    Default Re: Railhammer pickups

    Nice pickups. The unusual pole arrangement does what it's supposed to do - plain strings are a little sweeter, wound strings a little snappier.

    I like the HyperVintage low output set a lot. Punchy chords with good separation, singing lead tone from both neck & bridge, and very good volume knob cleanup.

    Also have a Chisel bridge, growly medium-hot pickup with fat lows and searing highs which still cleans up quite well. Along with the Duncan Custom, it's one of the few ceramic pickups I've been able to bond with. Would really like to try out the Chisel neck someday.

    I also bought an Alnico Grande which is a bit more scooped in the low mids and a little looser overall. Still has plenty of mids; maybe a little more vintagey sounding than the Chisel which has a fairly modern character.

    I have my eye on his P90 types too. I love P90 neck tone, and a noiseless version that can stand up with the classic design would be a wonderful thing.
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