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Thread: Seymour Duncan 78 vs Gibson 57 Classic Plus

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    Default Seymour Duncan 78 vs Gibson 57 Classic Plus

    Your thoughts on these two pickups tone wise pros and cons

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    Default Re: Seymour Duncan 78 vs Gibson 57 Classic Plus

    I only have experience with the 78 model. Mine sounds like a Pearly Gates bridge with almost no bottom end. Itís thinness and brightness makes it able to simulate that Ďstarved plate variac brown soundí with a Plexi style amp without the variac.

    Mine also seems to be out of phase to other Duncanís, so I have to flip the ground/hot wires. Donít know if that is one-off to mine, or an intentional characteristic of the model.
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    Default Re: Seymour Duncan 78 vs Gibson 57 Classic Plus

    I haven't played the 78, but from Beau's description, I'd say that the 57 wouldn't sound much like it. To me, the 57+ has lots more mids and fullness than the PG. If indeed the 78 sounds thinner than the PG, then there is no match...apples to oranges.
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