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Thread: Please Help My Custom PU journey...

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    Default Please Help My Custom PU journey...

    hello from South Korea.
    Guys... I've been trying to find out one humbucker for one bridge pickup guitar and
    FINALLY it was SH-5 Custom and SH-16.
    Sadly, SH-11 Custom Custom was too airy lacking lower mid and bottom end to my taste.
    Having tried just about all SD PUs for the bridge with neck or without,
    JB,Custom and 59/Custom remained and 10 others were traded.
    I'd love to know what'd be a bit more compressed and tighter PU you've experienced
    that'd be very helpful.
    Those 3 are put in LP, Tele, Strat and so on...
    Now Where to look around!?

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    Default Re: Please Help My Custom PU journey...

    I am certainly not the knowitall when it comes to the full SD roster, but if you want tight and compressed without going active, give the 6 string Nazgul a try. It is rather hot, but by backing it off the strings a tad, the sizzle is gone. The output makes it less versatile than the Black Winter, but the Nazgul is WAY tighter than the BW. Or maybe the Pegasus with it's lower output, but I have absolutely zero experience with that...

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    Default Re: Please Help My Custom PU journey...

    It's hard to beat the Jason Becker Perpetual Burn, for a single bridge pup guitar. I have one in my cheapo Peavey Rockmaster, and it's one of my favorite guitars. It cleans up nice, but as Ola Englund might say . . . it chugs!

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    Default Re: Please Help My Custom PU journey...

    Well, the Pegasus feels more compressed as it is much tighter in the lows.
    But if those pickups weren't doing it for you, you will need some active pickups. Check out any of the Blackouts or the Retribution.
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