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Thread: yet another wiring question: is this possible?

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    Default yet another wiring question: is this possible?

    I am not proposing to do this, but I am curious. I can follow a wiring diagram in order to get the soldering done, but I don't really understand the "whys" of them.

    So what I'm wondering is: if I have something wired like this:

    could I remove the bridge humbucker, drop in a single-coil, and put the hot wire where the black lead goes in that diagram, and the ground to ... ground, and have it work normally? Or is there more to it?

    The reason I ask is that a 3-SC diagram looks very different from that one:

    I would appreciate any info.

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    Default Re: yet another wiring question: is this possible?

    Yes, you can do exactly what you're asking. The reason they're different is because they generally use the opposite side of the 5-way, for the twin tone controls, as a convenience. In that first diagram, they use the other side for splitting, so simply connect the tone controls on the first side. Electrically, it's the same.

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